April 24, 2008

Ironman South Africa 2008

Leaders into the water at Ironman South Africa 2008

Mass start at Ironman South Africa 2008

Stacy Munn on the bike course of Ironman South Africa 2008

Stacy Munn sprinting through the finisher's shoot at Ironman South Africa 2008

Stacy Munn finishing Ironman South Africa 2008 in 12 hrs 15 mins

April 06, 2008

Relaxing pre-race ride

David and Stacy with Cervelos at Mom's house in Edmonds

David and I rode out to Edmonds on Saturday to visit Mom before taking off on our South Africa trip. It was a leisurely short ride, so different than what I've been doing these past six months and it reminded me that bike riding can be a really pleasurable means of transportation, not just a way to train up for a triathlon.

At Momís we christened the pasta maker by making ravioli. We stuffed the little pillows with a delicious squash filling.
Sunday morning we rode back to Pioneer Square at the same leisurely pace then went to the Collins Pub for brunch. It was a blissful weekend.

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