March 24, 2007
Carolyn, David, Stacy and Kristin at Pacific Place

To celebrate Mom and Michelle's birthdays, we met at Third Place Books in Ravenna, then went to dine at Pair followed by flamenco dancing at the Solstice Cafe.

Next day we went to the Bodies exhibition and to lunch at Gordon Birsch.

March 20, 2007

Cover Boy

David Bianchi on the cover of March 2007 Puget Sound Business Journal

David is on the cover of the Puget Sound Business Journal.

David's first solo flight

David's first solo flight over Boeing Field

March 02, 2007

George Clinton

Thomas Dolby and George Clinton

Carolyn and Howard came over to The Quilt Building to fix us dinner. We invited Michelle and Carl too and we all feasted on salmon, fancy green beans, wine and cheese.

At about 10, David, Carolyn, Howard and I headed to the Showbox to hear George Clinton and co.