February 24, 2007

Ironman Malaysia 2007

David Bianchi and Stacy Munn finishing Ironman Malaysia in Langkawi, Feb 24 2007

David and I are back in the states after finishing what we both consider to be the toughest race we've ever encountered. There are varying reports as to just how hot it was on race day but I think it's safe to say that the high was over 100 degrees F and humidity was high. The water was warm, murky and very salty. The bike course had some considerable hills. The run was 3 laps along a busy thoroughfare with lots of traffic.

Stacy Munn on the bike course, Ironman Malaysia, Langkawi, Feb 24 2007

All in all, we're both pleased with having finished that tough course. I had 2 flats on the bike and my CO2 cartridges didn't fit my spare tube valve stems. The bike shop goofed on David's gearing and he wasn't able to shift well or stay in a gear. My knees started hurting on the marathon, so I walked a good bit of it. With a few miles to go on the run, we both agreed it was the most exhausted we had ever been.

My times were:
swim - 1:21
bike - 7:19
run - 5:58
total - 14:48:27

But we were able to sprint across the finish line together and get our eagle medals. Other than being tired, we were pretty well recovered by the next day - no injuries and we were able to enjoy the Island of Langkawi, the Cameron Highlands where they grow tea, Kuala Lumpur and Tokyo on our way back home.