August 18, 2006

Oh where oh where have I been?

The summer months have been completely capricious and somewhat akin to moving abroad for me; full of novelty, exhilaration, bemusement and intrigue. Thinking back on a week's events seems like several months worth of activity. I love that kind of time; so full and rich. This coupled with some killer workouts have made for a very intense 2 Seattle. Whodathunk?

In work life, I'm employed by two brilliant e-Learning/scripting/internet gurus who are also fun and strive for the work-life balance; for themselves and their employees.

In athletic life, I'm back into triathlon. I bought a Cervelo Soloist bicycle and it is perhaps the finest piece of engineering I've ever owned; super responsive and light. It makes me want to ride...hard and fast.


Vous aiment le Goldfrapp, la photographie, l'extérieur, le triathlon, le voyage, la technologie, les personnes et l'aventure? Je nous a aussi. Laissés parler.

p.s. I ride a Cervelo Soloist.

August 01, 2006

Lake loop

Michael Pritchard, you rode 1:17:45. I rode 1:18:27. C'mon, let's ride.