July 31, 2006


Israel and Lebanon

The news from Israel and Lebanon has directed 2 songs (of course from the 80s) into my brain: The Lebanon by Human League and Jerusalem by Sinéad O'Connor, both by my standards excellent pieces of audible art.

July 23, 2006

Lake Stevens Triathlon 2006

I decided to get back into triathlon this year. My first event was 4 days before my 41st birthday, the Lake Stevens triathlon on July 23rd. I thought I was signing up for a half ironman. I also thought that 70.3 was a country radio station sponsoring the event. I've learned a bit since then.

Loading the Cervelo into the Mini. Such fun toys.
The Mini felt the excitement of the race and while zipping up
I-5 got us a speeding ticket. I haven't been issued one of those since heading to Chelan in 1986. No worries, I just had a little extra push power along the course when thinking of that rookie officer who bumbled over his memorized lines.

Stacy excited to be back into triathlon
It was a beautiful, sunny, summer day, perfect for being active outdoors. The people doing the full 70.3 distance would have it rather tough in the hot sun. Here I'm thinking how glad I am that I signed up for the wrong distance. I'll be back at Mom's in Edmonds having a birthday b-b-q in just a few hours.

Kristin, Stacy and Michelle Munn
Mom, Michelle and Kristin all came to cheer me on. It is fabulous to have support along the course. It makes for a different race. Highly recommended. I always push harder and achieve my best times when there are people I love watching me.

Ted, Stacy and Jim at Lk Stevens Tri
Ted and Jim, two of my co-workers, were also competing in the International distance race, which is about the same as an Olympic distance race (now I know).

I took the swim very easy, concentrating on long strokes like my favorite coach Paul taught me.

Stacy Munn swim to bike transition at the Lake Stevens triathlon 2006
Then came the fun part. I purchased a Cervelo Soloist a week before the race, arguably the best bike on the market. Carbon fiber with Dura Ace components. In Albert Reins words, this thing "is fast just standing still!" I had a good pace, passed a lot of lads, and finished the bike just tenths of a second slower than the fist place gal.

Stacy Munn finishing Lake Stevens triathlon 2006
Took it easy on the run again until the last 1/4 mile when I wasn't certain if the pink woman was gaining on me or not. Crossed the line after 2 hrs 30 mins which is about par with my previous tri times considering this swim was only 1000 meters. My typical Olympic time was about 2:40 with a 1600m swim. I was the 2nd female finisher and I think 10th finisher overall.

It's great to be back. Black Diamond 1/2 Ironman is next on Sept 23.

July 09, 2006

Seafair Half Marathon 2006

I told David I would set 5 athletic goals for myself and that I'd share the list with him during the next Allstar cycling class. The first item on my list was the Seafair Half Marathon. Here are my splits from that race on July 9, 2006.

1 8:34
2 8:16
3 8:16
4 7:52
5 8:13
6 7:58
7 7:41
8 8:02
9 7:00
10 7:45
11 7:57
12 8:09
13 7:36
14 1:46
chip time - 1:44:04
gun time - 1:44:12.4
mile pace - 7:57
48th of 866 females
6th of 101 in my division