February 03, 2006

It all happened across the street

Quest Field after Seahawks win against the Redskins

I had plenty of company this evening as I was churning out some multimedia training. The Hawks played the Redskins a block away from the apartment...and won. They're in the Superbowl and it felt like Mardi Gras on the street after the game.

Seahawks fans after the NFC championship game

Seahawks fans after the NFC championship game

Heat Meiser is a big Hawks fan.

Heat Meiser supports Seahawks in NFC championship game

The Big Picture

The Clash

I set up my Dell 20" flat screen last night. Big, sharp, beautiful. I can hardly believe I was doing design without it. Why the Clash? Even the sound is improved with this baby.

Route 36

No. 36 bus?

Part of the cow parade in London.