January 24, 2006

Those crazy Tuvan throatsingers are everywhere!

KEXP Streaming Archive

KEXP offers a 14-day audio archive of their broadcasting, quite a neat feature.

This morning I wanted to hear something they played at 7:02 but when ran the search I got an audio message informing me it was unavailable. The background to the audio message was Tuvan throatsinging. It made me smile. Even made me blog.

Return to Skull Island (please)

King Kong by Peter Jackson

I loved King Kong for the production value! Peter Jackson is superb. Lots of action to keep you interested and the special effects are amazing.

Unfortunately, the movie took a serious nosedive once the crew and beast left Skull Island. The pull between the gorilla and the girl was too corny for my taste. And the scene on the frozen pond?! A Disney moment that should be edited out of this film.

The story isnít anywhere near the caliber of Lord of the Rings, so the movie suffers in that area, but if you liked Peter Jacksonís LOR production treatment youíll probably enjoy King Kong too.

January 14, 2006

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

Joan Jett rockin' at 47

Brian and I heard Joan Jett and the Blackhearts at the Emerald Queen Casino last weekend. Rockin' show. Joan still has a fabulously strong singing voice, loads of stage presence and energy and the new songs are good. Secondarily, Joan looks gorgeous and fit at 47, quite an inspiration for this 40-year-old 80s music lover. But I won't be hanging out in the Emerald Queen. Most of the clientele look like they'll have a somewhat abbreviated life span.

Something for those Seahawks fans

Seahawks win a playoff game...finally!

The Seattle Seahawks have not been a winning team these recent years. In fact, they hadn't won a playoff game since Dec. 22, 1984. That's 21 long losing years, but Hawks fans are die hards. They fill Pioneer Square with their painted blue and green faces, their Seahawks jerseys and flags. And today their long years of loyalty was rewarded with a a playoff win.

It was looking grim for Seahawks fans when their favorite player Shaun Alexander, who won the NFL Most Valuable Player title this year (and has a jammin' song written for him here)was taken out of the game in the first quarter after suffering a concussion. But Matt Hasselbeck threw for 1 touchdown and ran for another and the Seattle Seahawks won 20-10 over the Washington Redskins. Hey, isn't that a politically incorrect team name. And Seattle let them in? Shocking.

A true urban legend

Seen this photo of Europe's largest water bridge in your inbox?

Elbe Channel Bridge
Apparently it's not another one of those photo manipulations. Both the image and the info that comes along with it are apparently true. This is a bridge that connect Berlin's inland harbor with the ports along the Rhine river.

More info here

January 12, 2006

Masa's Big Heart

Masa's big heart

Big hearted Masa sent a wonderful package from Japan filled with really hip colored fleece jackets, washable slippers and beautiful postcards with works by the Czech art nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha. Thanks Mucha, Masa!

Winter Princess

Kristin Munn, Dec 2005

Kristin looked gorgeous this season in her white winter jacket and fuzzy white hat.

Spencer in Seventh Heaven

Spencer in 7th Heaven

Massage chair, eggnog latte and Star Wars. Now that's a holiday.

Market Maidens

Mom and Michelle at the Pike Place Market

On Christmas Eve Day (should all those start with an upper case letter?) Mom, Michelle, Kristin, Spencer and I went to the Pike Place Market to buy some fresh salmon, fruit and vegetables. We also strolled past Macy's to look at the Christmas window displays and stopped in at Pacific Place to watch the snow falling indoors.

Pink Porky Reinpigs

Reinpigs atop Pike Place Market

Santa's sleigh is pulled by a slightly plumper, balder species in Seattle.