November 26, 2005

Thanksgiving at Edna Mae and Harvey's

Thanksgiving gathering at Edna Mae and Harvey's house

Mom, Michelle, Brian and I were invited to Edna Mae and Harvey Smith's house in Edmonds for Thanksgiving dinner. More photos here. I sampled most everything, including meaty items such as stuffing with chorizo and even a slice of the big bird. The home made pumpkin pie with ice cream was completely vegetarian so I felt compelled to have a rather large slice.

We missed Kristin who was celebrating in the Portland area at Spencer's dad's place.

November 18, 2005

What kind of taxi?

Seattle band Death Cab for Cutie

I got to see Death Cab for Cutie at the Paramount. Loads of talent in this Seattle (well, Bellingham originally) band, especialy frontman Ben Gibbard and drummer Nathan Good. Rockin' show with hard, energetic and emotional playing, no chatting between sets. They're still letting us 40+ year-olds into these concerts, but in limited numbers. I think there were a dozen of us there, including me, Brian, Jerri and Megan.

November 17, 2005

I'd Go In A New York Second!


My close friends know I'm not one for musicals, but if ever there were one to see, Spamalot is it.

November 16, 2005

Love the rumble

Serious Seattle Riders

Brian rang me excitedly one Sunday morning in late June. "There's a charity ride starting from Quest field...hundreds of bikes...grab your camera and get down there!" I did as instructed and was delighted to find the parking lot packed with hogs, beemers, Triumphs and the like with their colorful riders. Well, they were mostly clad in black, but, you know what I mean.

Friends Forever

Stacy Munn, Wendy Starrett and a friend on the first day of school, 1974

I received a homemade handwritten letter in the post today from Wendy. What a gem she is! Amazing to think we've been friends for 32 years.

November 15, 2005

Adobe Creative Suite 2

Adobe CS2 Standard

I just upgraded to Adobe CS2 and she is manufique! I gonna be creating some kickin' designs with these programs. I love Adobe!!

Missing my London buddies

The Videotel Multimedia gang in Seattle

It's been 11 months since Brian and I left London. I'm missing the city and my friends there. I'm missing Brian too. Settling back into Seattle has been a bit more difficult than I anticipated.

I had a great chat with Claudia today who just accepted a multimedia position with Cerner, an international health company. The job is in London, but she'll go to Kansas City for training on Dec 3rd. Brrrrrrrr.

I get to go hear Death Cab for Cutie at the Paramount on Friday night with Brian and Jerri. Then I'm joining Debbi and some of her artsy friends at a craft show on Saturday. Michelle is throwing a party at our apartment Saturday night. I'm joining my good buddy Jim Keough from the 1990 Goodwill Games days on Sunday for coffee and a movie. Plenty of fun people to be with and interesting things to do so I don't know why I'm in a funk. Winter blahs perhaps. Plus no steady work, no boyfriend. Yeah, that combo can be quite a downer. I know I'll soon snap out of it. Anyone want to hire me for graphic design or multimedia work? Here's my portfolio.

November 09, 2005


Stacy and Norman before the jump

Stacy jumping from a plane over Issaquah


Copenhagen Graffiti

Copenhagen Graffiti

November 06, 2005


I saw Capote at the Egyptian last night with Brian. Philip Seymour Hoffman = brilliance. As Ebert writes, "Philip Seymour Hoffman doesn't so much imitate Truman Capote as channel him in his starring role in Capote."

I know this actor from Happiness and Magnolia. According to imdb he was also in The Big Lebowski, Almost Famous, Red Dragon and Leap of Faith, all of which I've seen, and a slew of films I haven't seen.

I don't know a thing about director Bennett Miller who was born the same year as Seymour, 1967.

I loved Seymour's acting and learing about Capote. I didn't even know he was an author before this movie, let alone the fact that he was the most famous author in America at one time. I also learned he was good friends with Harper Lee who wrote To Kill A Mockingbird, one of my favorite stories. I'm slightly embarrassed to write that I didn't realize Harper Lee was a woman until this movie.

The day on the whole was stressful but enriching. I took a 3-hour exam in the morning which I was not prepared for. I walked on campus and along The Ave for a couple hours since the exam was in Kane Hall and it was homecoming weekend. There was quite a bit of purple and gold about, but heavy rain put a damper on things. The movie was good but solemn. Afterward, Brian and I sat in my Mini for an hour and talked about our relationship...what went wrong, failings on both our parts, reasons why it didn't work and red flags that we both ignored. For my part, there was a lot of healing involved and I hope we are able to have more of these conversations even though they are painful. I'm so grateful we can still be friends.