August 27, 2005

Hurricane Holiday

Hurricane Ridge photo by Stacy Munn

Quite an odd coincidence that I was on holiday at Hurricane Ridge when I heard about the evacuation of New Orleans due to Hurricane Katrina. I can't imagine that Hurricane Ridge on the Olympic Penninsula was ever actually hit by a Hurricane. Especially considering the placid weather we encountered while there.

Hurricane Ridge photo by Stacy Munn

I was up on the Ridge for the first time ever, at least that I can recall. Mom and Amanda & David Freed joined me for the salubrious views over the Olympic Mountain range, including a couple glaciers.

Mom and I stayed at the Best Western Lodge in Port Angeles with large, comfortable, non-smoking rooms and NO MOSQUITOS!

August 20, 2005

Debbi and Stephen Got Married!

August 20th at an outdoor wedding on a ranch in Leavenworth. They rode their mountain bikes down the aisle. So perfect and fun!

August 12, 2005

Natural Disasters

Mt St Helens in August 2005. Photo by Stacy Munn

Even before Hurricane Katrina, I took a trip to this area's seemingly biggest natural disaster threat. Mt. St. Helens is still in recovery mode after the 1980 erruption. While at the Johnston Observation Center, named after the volcanologist who lost his life in the big blast, I learned that the volcano is errupting even now, but these are not explosive erruptions. Lava is oozing out into the crater, creating lava domes.

Mom, Geraldine and I headed south to the mountain that I had never before seen in person. We stayed at the Blue Heron Inn on Spirit Lake Hwy in Castle Rock, WA. It's a big house with a spectacular view of the mountain and the proprietor made us breakfast in the morning. There were several other guests staying there, including some folks from the East Coast to attend Seattle's production of The Ring.

August 08, 2005

Dinner at Fishbone

I met up with Dan Chidester and Chris Riley for dinner at Fishbone on Lake Union. Chris is in town from Virginia Beach. Five days ago we had dinner at Jalisco's, then drinks at Tiny Biggs and danced it all off at the Watertown. I always have fun with those guys!

August 05, 2005

Boone Family Reunion

Boone Family Reunion chipsters

The biennial Boone Family Reunion was held at Pellican Lake in norhtern Minnesota this year. Most of the attendees I met for the first time at this event; my mother's cousins and their kids and grandkids. Lots of them. They must look at the single, childless Munn girls of the west and scratch their heads. Do they think "odd" or "lucky" or "poor things"?

We had an excursion out to a series of waterfalls, another outing to an iron mine where we got to go 1/2 a mile under the earth and walk around with bats, and a canoe trip on a winding river.

There was also the MOSQUITO INCIDENT which I will detail in another post. I had a great time hanging out with Mom, Kristin and Spencer and getting to know my kin a bit better.

August 02, 2005

Curve Ball

Pyramid Curve Ball, A Kolsch style ale.

August 01, 2005

Wendy, Michelle and Kevin Nichols visit Seattle

Michelle, Wendy and Kevin Nichols

Wendy visited me with her 2 darling kids, Michelle and Kevin. We had a great time scooting around Seattle in the Mini. We visited the zoo and the aquarium which I hadn't been to in eons. They spent a couple nights with me in the Pioneer Square apartment; camped in the apartment really, as I have no spare bed. Michelle #1 (Munn, that is) was moving into the apartment that same weekend and Wendy, Michelle #2 and Kevin all pitched in and helped us move a truckload of furniture up to the 5th floor. What a delightful trio they are.