June 18, 2005

Mini and Me

Mini and Me

I have freedom. I have transport. I have a wonderful little yellow Mini Cooper S.

June 10, 2005

Alternative Employment

Painters in Pioneer Square

Rather than editing a Power Point training deck indoors, I'd like to be helping these guys out today. I wish there were a system where you could do something completely different every once in a while, and still get paid the same.

June 04, 2005

Jennifer and Mike Get Married

Jennifer Callison and Michael Savage Wedding. Photo by Stacy Munn

Jennifer Callison and Mike Savage had a wonderful wedding at Titlow Lodge in Tacoma. I helped Michelle decorate the hall with 12 dozen roses, red glass marbles and lanterns. The photographer was Grant Horiuchi, a gregarious, personable guy with complete passion for photography. I'd love to do some business partnering with him. Perhaps be his assistant for a day or trade web services for photography instruction.

Photographer Grant Horiuchi