March 26, 2005

The Merry Widow

Mom treated Michelle, me, Jennifer and Mike to a Pacific Northwest Ballet performance of The Merry Widow. The story takes place in Paris in 1905. Louise Nadeau was the prima ballerina and we got to hear her speak after the performance. Before the show, we had a wonderful dinner at Perche No!

March 12, 2005


is my new word for the day. It means zestful enthusiasm. Love it.

March 06, 2005

Envisioning Emotional Epistemological Information

art by David Byrne
by David Byrne

I have Tufte's Envisioning Information but didn't realize until today that David Byrne's new book and DVD was titled Envisioning Emotional Epistemological Information. I bought tickets to see his I Heart Power Point presentation in Kane Hall the day they went on sale. Byrne, multimedia, UW campus, quirky kinda gig.

Wired article here

CNN story here

March 05, 2005

Scoop It

Street sign instructing people to clean up doggie poop in Camden, London. Photo by Stacy Munn, 2003


In an interview on NPR today, author M.G. Lord used the term computress. I don't remember hearing this term before. I like it. Perhaps I'll use it on my business card.

M.G. Lord is the author of Astro Turf, The Private Life of Rocket Science and Forever Barbie. I haven't read either yet, but reviews of the latter have compelled me to put it on my (far too long) list of books to read.