December 25, 2004

ichi ni san shi go...

Stacy's Roku

Roku! I've been nice this year. I got a Roku Soundbridge Network Music Player from Saint Mick.

December 07, 2004

iiiiiiiiiiiii'm doin alright

Beastie Boys at Wembley Arena

They are rap masters supreme. They are funk masters extraodinaire. They are charismatic stage masters dedicated to hip hop entertainment. They are 3 MCs and one wicked DJ. They are, of course, the Beastie Boys.

I love the Beastie Boys of old. And I love the 1998 'Hello Nasty' album (what I condiser a recent release). But the Boys put out 'To the 5 Boroughs' this year. I wasn't familiar with this stuff. I was skeptical. What's more, the venue was Wembley Arena; massive and soulless with Stadium Gestapo shining their lights into the crowd, persecuting individuals near smoke of any type. On the plus side, we had standing tickets. Absolutely essential. Seats would have sucked.

They opened the show with, get this, Eggman. Not a fail-safe MTV hit or a track from the new release. Not even a song that they performed at their last show in Manchester. I stood there body movin', mouth agape in disbelieving delight. I was blissfully enraptured for the next two and a half hours.

The three MCs bounded and swaggered around the stage, still energetic and lean like their twenty-something contemporaries. They quickly launched into tracks from "To the 5 Boroughs' which have become my new favorites. Kung Fu cats showed on the colossal video screens.

The four had matching outfits which they changed several times throughout the evening. Shiny green shell suits, goldenrod T-shirts and jeans, funkadellic white suits with white shoes for one of the funky full instrument sets. The stage setup changed as often as their outfits did.

A brilliantly executed show from beginning to end.

Exiting the arena, we were met by the "Are you a sinner or a winner" dude from Oxford Street. Ahhh London. I will miss you terribly.

December 01, 2004

The Cramps

You're thinking "Goo Goo Muck". You're thinking, "Halloween in San Francisco". You're thinking, "B-movie schlock with stripped-down, horrified rock 'n' roll".

I'm thinking, "Somebody really cramps my style!"

Is it time to make a private blog so I can type annonymously?