December 12, 2003

Alabama 3

Alabama 3

Sweet pretty country acid house music.

In Barcelona, Brian and I found a perfect little coffee spot. This place would be a natural fit in a Seattle or San Francisco neighborhood; mis-matched, comfortable chairs around unfinished wooden tables, bookshelves bearing titles about backpacking, philosophy and vegetarian recipes. Sipping my latte, I began to notice the music playing through the overhead speakers. It was catchy, driving, good. I listened closer to the next four songs, unmistakably by the same group. We were leisurely enjoying our second round of lattes when I asked the proprietor the name of the group.
Alabama 3

"Alabama 3."
"They've got a great sound."

Months later Claire and Leo invite us along to the Alabama 3 show at the Mean Fiddler. I know I liked what I heard in the cafe, but I'm tentative because, know. We walk in and the place is jumping; people moving to the beat with arms up in the air and cheek to cheek grins. I'm mesmerized by the low, twangy voice of the singer in the cowboy hat and the shiny shirt. The beat is strong. There are two percussionists with full kits, one on each side of the stage. I'd forgoten how much fun country music could be. These good old boys were rockin the house and the Brits were going crazy over them. I started feeling a bit patriotic. America can churn out good music too! And for Alabama folk, they were pretty enlightened. They mentioned the Union Jack in one song, and during another they had a black gal belting out vocals right along with them.

After the show Leo and Claire were commenting on the band's fake American accents and were surprised we didn't know Alabama 3 hails from south London. Oy.
(They're known as A3 in North America)

December 08, 2003

Rhapsody Rocks My World

I love Rhapsody! Thanks Michelle.

December 02, 2003

I want my MTV2

Wish they had MTV2 at my health club. I've been putting in some treadmill hours and they have 7 TV screens with nothing but crap programming. Three of the screens play MTV (not 2) and that's the best of the lot. In the last 4 weeks I've only seen a single solitary interesting video, that was "Starlight" by the Superman Lovers. What in the world happened?!!! Music videos used to be so cool. In the 80s I used to spend hours thinking about the interesting shots I could put together and props I could use. I'm sure interesting, creative stuff is out there, just not in the mainstream. This seems to be an uncreative time for popular culture. Cothing designs are blase blends of the past few decades, car designs are bland (minis and smart cars are the exception). I'm ready for something new, exciting, creative and aesthetically pleasing.