April 30, 2003
This one is for Amanda. Amanda is one of the most talented animal handlers I know. She's also super cool. I suppose given the first, the second goes without saying. Amanda and I were members of the Wesley ringers at the Edmonds United Methodist Church together. This cathedral is in Barcelona. It isn't the church we attended, nor did we ever perform here, but it represents (on my blog space at least) the many cathedrals, churches and abbeys we've visited and played in together. Amanda and I can tell you stories of blind tours, risque fashion photos and the guitarist from Iron Maiden in a Blackpool arcade.

It was rather serendipitous that Amanda sent me an email tonight. I was sitting at my computer, but looking backward into my bedroom. I saw the bright orange safety vest I use for running at night hanging on the wall. Without my contacts in, all I saw was a bright color against a white wall. It reminded me of my Japanese print I had hanging in the Bellmont apartment. I remembered I had a picture of it and decided to dig it out for nostalgic purposes. It was taken during Amanda and David's "Jungle Love" pre-wedding party. I miss my old apartment and my friends!!!

April 20, 2003

Abigail Aces London Marathon

These gorgeous lassies accompanied me to cheer on Abigail in the London marathon last Sunday. We camped out at mile 10, keeping a keen lookout for Abigail whilst shouting out the names of other runners who had written their names on their shirts. Abigail passed us smiling, full of energy and quite able to chat. My plan was to see her again at miles 17 and 22 but I underestimated how long it would take me to wade through the thousands of other supporters. There were long queues to get through the turnstiles of the Jubilee line, even longer queues to get on the train and of course, the longest wait of all was for the loo. I arrived at mile 17 about 10 minutes late. I waited for a while in case she was still slightly behind schedule, but when I saw the big black bottle run past, I knew I had missed her. By that time I was too late to shoot over to mile 22. Brian was waiting for her at 21.5 and made contact, reporting afterward that with less than 5 miles to go she still looked energetic. Abigail had a brilliant finish, crossing the line in 3:53:25!

I'm pooped! I rode 65 miles today trying to find my way back from Stevenage after getting blown off the back of the Tri London cycling group. I did a 2.5 hour run yesterday....Holloway, Angel, St. Paul's then along the Thames to Hammersmith. Friday I did a brick session with Kim in the sunshine. We rode to Richmond Park, did one lap around the park admiring all the deer and para skaters, rode back to Holloway then did a 45 min jog. I'm looking forward to going back to work so I can rest! I do love my new running shoes.

April 08, 2003

Yo! Bum Rush the Show

I went to the Public Enemy gig Thursday. Yes, it's cliche and repetitive but THEY ROCKED! Chuck D and Flava Flav were in full form. Terminator X was sadly absent as he has retired from the group. Also on stage were the S1Ws (I'd prefer hip-hop dancers such as at the Whodini show in Seattle 1987), bass player, guitar player and a drummer. So they really did rock, not only rap. Ahh but the rapping was the highlight. And I was right up front getting crushed at the feet of these lyrical, rhythmical wizards. Afterward, Brian and I actually walked home. The show was at the Forum in Kentish Town, just a little over a mile from our flat. I love living in London!